Membership Information

Support YOUR community organization! Join the Chesterfield Community Council. Annual dues are $15 per household; $30 per Business establishment annually. Membership runs from May 1 to April 30 of the year.

Dear Community Resident:

Did you know that you have a community organization working for you?

The Chesterfield Community Council provides a forum for you to voice your concerns in community development as well as city and state government.

Did you know that in the past twelve months that your community organization accomplished the following?

  • Sponsors annual college expos with 500 attendees.
  • Sponsors housing fair with over 300 attendees.
  • Awarded college scholarships to community residents.
  • Educated over 1400 Senior Citizens on Computer Literacy and the Internet.
  • Office and New Website.
  • Resolves numerous community complaints (abandoned autos, street resurfacing, pot holes, tree trimming, rodent control).
  • Enhanced the beauty of our community by plantingflowers 8700 - 9500 on King Drive.
  • Fighting for better mail service

Did you know what your community organization goals are for the next 12 months?

  • Increase CCC membership
  • Continue monthly newsletter to keep members informed of activities in the community and the City.
  • Continue monthly meetings with an elected or appointed official for you to voice your concerns. Meetings are held every third Tuesday at 6:30 pm at the Tuley Park Field House.
  • Continue to respond to community needs as they arise.

Annual dues are $15 per household and $30 for businesses.  Please join us every third Tuesday to have a voice in your community. Thank you for your support.


Elizabeth Prowell