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December 11th, 9:42 am

Chesterfield Community Council

CCC will once again sponsor a "Gift Drive" for individuals living in the Feather Fist Veteran's Shelter. We are requesting the community support to help us give to veterans living in a shelter who are working toward self-sufficiency.
Donations request include the following:
* Wool/knit skull cpas and scarves in neutral colors (black, grey, brown)
* Hygiene products - Deodorant, soap, lotion, razors &
shaving cream
* Toothbrush, toothpaste and mouth wash
* Men's winter gloves and socks
Donation box will be available at Tuley Park Field House, 90th & King Drive. Thank you in advance for your support.
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November 30th, 8:32 am

Chesterfield Community Council


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We have to have an insult level. We don't have to spend our money at Target. Only thing Target respects is the money.

November 16th, 9:26 am

Chesterfield Community Council

TARGET - #CuttheCard
In 1998, Chesterfield Community Council(CCC), the late Bill Garth, Citizen Newspaper and Chatham Business Association led the effort to bring Target to 86st & Cottage Grove. On October 29, the community and city was informed by the media that Target is planning to close the Chatham (86st & Cottage Grove) and Morgan Park (117th & Marshfield) stores in a statement that these two(2) stores are underperforming and the stores are scheduled to close on February 1st.
CCC was shocked and dismayed regarding this announcement. This departure would leave a void in our communities by reducing some vital services including grocery, retail and pharmacy needs. Target is an anchor store that drives business to our areas. More than 100 people could lose their jobs; property taxes could rise; major retailers will be hesitant to open in our communities and the remaining retailers could raise prices for lack of competition. According to CNBC, August 22, 2018, "Target reports the strongest same store sales growth in 13 years". To add more insult, Target is opening a store in Logan Square and Rogers Park in Chicago.
Target has blatantly disrepected the African-American community and we are encouraging the community to BOYCOTT TARGET and #CuttheCard. DO NOT SHOP TARGET, ESPECIALLY DURING THE UPCOMING HOLIDAY SEASON.
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Supporting the boycott

And they are taking advantage of TIF financing to build the new locations! Hate target!

Boycott Targets everywhere.

Won't shop there ever again anywhere

Not shopping there

I don't shop at target anyway

I won't shop at our targets In waukegan They didn't even give that store a chance.

Target owned by French. They dont care about your rights or problems. We dont have one close by & glad of it.


Started boycotting them when they said bathrooms were unisex allowing potential pedophiles in with children. Wake up folks. Where are the “politicians “. Hmm they got your vote you won’t here from them until election time again. Stop falling for their lies.

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November 10th, 10:35 am

Chesterfield Community Council

Please join us... ... See moreSee less

Please join us...

November 3rd, 7:43 pm

Chesterfield Community Council

Chesterfield Community Council, Bill Garth, Citizen Newspaper, Chatham Business Association and others worked hard to get Target to open in our community. ... See moreSee less

Chesterfield Community Council, Bill Garth, Citizen Newspaper, Chatham Business Association and others worked hard to get Target to open in our community.

September 19th, 11:45 am

Chesterfield Community Council

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